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From 1983 to 1986, the Winnebago LeSharo was available with a 2.1L (2068cc) diesel engine from AMC/Renault with a 4 speed, manual front-wheel drive transmission , the improved later versions used a 2.1L (2068cc) turbo-diesel; very similar to the '85-'87 Jeep Cherokee.  Beginning in 1985, a 2.2L (2165cc) liter gasoline engine was introduced, with a 3 speed, front-wheel drive automatic transmission .  In 1987, a 5 speed manual transmission became available, and in mid-1989, the gasoline (petrol) fuel injection system changed in the supplied Renault Trafic Platform chassis from a Bosch L-Jetronic with RENIX ignition module unit to a single ECU by Bendix of France.  Production ceased in 1992 for a number of reasons, the demise of AMC/Renault being just one of them..  In 1994, the LeSharo was superseded by the Winnebago Rialta with a VW Eurovan chassis; first with 5 cylinder engine used in the '83 VW Quantum and later with the now famous, narrow-angle (70 degree) V6.

During its production run, the coach interior remained largely unchanged, though two interior layouts were available noticeably differing in the coach positions of the restroom/shower combination.  There was also an upscale, Itasca-branded version named the Phasar that was identical except for some slight cosmetic differences in fabrics and standard features. Some owners have modernized the drivetrains with GM or Chrysler running gear. Lesharo-land in Montana, provides professional upgrades using Chrysler drivetrains to suit the 3 ton chassis moving comfortably at today's hwy speeds as opposed to the 55 mph national speed limit at the time it was developed and sold in the 1980's. Although sharing the same chassis and fitted with a Winnebago coach, the Centauri was a produced in limited numbers as a multi-passenger van with some being sold to third-party mfrs for refitting as campervans; i.e.,Sunflyer. NOTE: RHD Winnebago models sold in Australia with a similar floorplan at that time are unrelated to Winnebago Ind, USA.


LeSharo campervans feature a galley with a sink, propane stovetop and refrigerator, pull-out bathroom and shower combination, a table with booth seats that converts into a bed, a propane furnace, hot water on-tap, rooftop air-conditioner for the coach, a gas generator accessory, two front-facing seats in the middle of the coach also convert into a bed and some additional storage compartments. The exterior design esthetics make it appear contemporary even today!

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1986 Winnebago Le Sharo La Mesa RV Center Commercial